The 1st horse the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم bought was named “as-Sakb”...(السكب) He bought it from a Bedouin who had named it 'ad-Daris’, but upon purchase the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم changed it to “as-Sakb”. (‘Abdul-Ghanī al-Maqdisī in his summarised Sīrah p72).

Sakb Pick & Drop Brand launched by Baig Transport Services Private Limited in 2007. Initially it involves Schools, Colleges & Academies. With the passage of time expand to Universities, Offices, Hotels, Call Centers , etc.

Why Choose Sakb

     Standardized registration & customer care process

          Live Customer Query Management System
          Centralised Databases for Clients and Staff
          Live updates of Routes

     Control Room

          GPS tracking of Vehicles
          Exact per client Pick up & Drop off records

     Customer Complaint Management System

          Categorised, systematic Complaint Management System
          Complaints are monitored by the Top management at all times
          Captains are given bonuses/penalised based on their performance

     Route Planning and Management System

          Our route planning system is one of our core competencies
            - Routes are designed on Destination basis, not on residence basis

          Current Route Maximum times are:
            - 1 Hour: Islamabad
            - 2 Hours: Rawalpindi

     Fleet Management

          Our fleet is always less than 5-10 years old
          Regular inspections are carried out on our fleet to keep it in perfect running condition
          Ranges from Coasters, Hiace, Bolans & Cars

     Customised Reporting System

          Custom reports according to various client requirements are available from our state of the art reporting system
          These include (but are not limited to):
            - Passenger/Client wise report
            - Passenger Area wise reports
            - Route wise details
            - Vehicle & Driver Documentation

     Corporate services & benefits for schools

          Our team is highly experienced and systematic
          Our technology suite contains:
            - Real time GPS monitoring
            - Live Control Room
          Our drivers are hired only after a careful screening process